Clean Energy

How We Help Clients
The American energy landscape is undergoing a radical transformation led by an accelerating clean energy transition. This creates a wealth of opportunities for forward-thinking companies, communities, and the public sector.

Our team has a proven track record of producing actionable, and equitable, workforce and economic insights in this rapidly evolving sector. For six years, we have been the trusted entity conducting the US Energy and Employment Report, the only energy employment quantification tool of its kind, now housed at the Department of Energy. On top of that, we have delivered comprehensive clean energy economy and workforce studies across nearly two dozen states, capturing the unique regional nuances that come into play.

BW Research stands at the forefront of this seismic shift, offering unrivaled expertise in strategic thinking, quantitative analysis, and policy design to help our clients navigate these complexities successfully.

Types of Clean Energy
» Offshore Wind
» Land-Based Wind
» Solar
» Energy Efficiency & Building Electrification
» Electric Vehicles & Alternative Transportation
» Hydrogen
» Smart Grid & Energy Storage

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