Quantitative Research

How We Help Clients
We understand that procuring, analyzing, and making sense of hard numbers is essential to good decision-making. Our team excels in constructing comprehensive research designs to collect the precise type of data our clients need. Leveraging a range of methods from meticulously crafted surveys to advanced data collection infrastructures, we procure relevant and reliable information. Our analyses are statistically robust, capturing the nuances of dynamic landscapes using advanced statistical models and innovative software to distill millions of data points into actionable insights. But we do not stop there; we synthesize this data into concise takeaways, presented through intuitive dashboards, compelling visualizations, and comprehensive reports, making it easy to grasp the full narrative and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Types of Quantitative Research
Survey Research
BW Research is expert in reliable survey research that provides clear and reliable information from a broad set of respondents and stakeholders. We have worked with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to develop the highest-quality methodology for our annual US Energy and Employment Report and apply those best-in-class practices to smaller projects to provide results that significant decisions can be made on.

Analysis of Big Data
Finding, analyzing, and translating data into a coherent and nuanced story is something that our research team does daily. We offer data analysis that goes beyond interpreting numbers and percentages; we conduct data analysis with the broader context of policies, macroeconomic factors, and regional challenges to ensure that our analysis and findings are directly targeted to reliably answer key questions and support decision making.