Research That Empowers

BW Research is an applied research firm committed to providing the most accurate, reliable data
and analyses to support better investments, policies and decisions for our clients.

What We Do

Economic & Workforce Research

BW Research provides its clients a clear picture of the dynamic economic landscape to better understand how industries, jobs and technologies are changing and the impact that can have on their community, their organization, and their households.

Economic Development Research

Workforce & Employer Research

Education & Job Seeker Research

Economic Impact, Scenario and Forecasting Research

Sector & Industry Cluster Research
Energy – Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Traditional Energy Research
Life Sciences – Biotechnology, Medical Devices and related Research Institutions
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) - Research in cyber security and nanotechnology
Healthcare & Research - Allied health, residential care and health information technologies
Tourism, Hospitality & Recreational Services
Building, Design & Construction
Advanced Manufacturing - Research on robotics & contract manufacturing

Customer & Community Research

BW Research provides its clients a reliable measure of its customer’s perceptions, priorities and expected behaviors, while identifying and describing the key segments that can be found in the current and potential customer universe.

Resident & Community Research

Voter & Political Feasibility Research

Current & Potential Customer Research

Public Opinion Research

Measures attitudes, opinions, preferences and behaviors to inform planning,
assessments, demographic analyses, studies and more.

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Strategic Planning & Evaluation

BW Research provides its clients a robust approach to evaluating its current programs and products or assessing the opportunity for new goods and services. The firm also works with its clients to develop a comprehensive plan to implement and assess new products, programs and policies.

Program Evaluation & Assessment

Product Testing & Usability Evaluation

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Our Work

About BW Research

About Our Firm

BW Research is a full-service applied research firm that is focused on supporting our clients with economic & workforce research, customer & community research, as well as strategic planning and evaluation services. Our firm is committed to three fundamental principles;

Engage in research that builds stronger communities, supports employers, employees, and educators; and develops better tools, programs and policies for the organizations and corporations that we serve.

Through evidence and insightful analysis, provide the foundation for strategic planning, allocating scarce resources, and improving our client's products and services.

Remain committed to customized research based on our client's needs, not advocating a one-size fits all approach to gathering and analyzing research findings.

BW Research is an S-Corporation and certified small business with offices in Carlsbad, California (headquarters) and Wrentham, Massachusetts.

Who We Are

Josh A. Williams
President & Principal Researcher

Philip Jordan
Vice-President & Principal Researcher

Veronica Williams
Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Young
Senior Research Analyst

Nate Hunt
Research Analyst

Mitch Schirch
Research Analyst

Marcus Gay
Senior Consultant: Cleantech and Water Innovation

Kevin Doyle
Senior Consultant

Our Commitment to Building Better Communities

BW Research was built around the belief that good research and analysis builds better communities. BW Research has also been committed to putting our money where our mouth is and supporting programs that we think builds better communities. Here are a few examples of projects and programs that we have contributed to:


BW Research is a platinum supporter of Los Niños de Leonardo y Meredith, a charitable organization that operates a free school for impoverished children in the Dominican Republic. BW’s support fully funds the education, healthcare, and meals of three students at Los Niños.

Lego Robotics

BW Research is a supporter of Carlsbad Unified School District's Jefferson Elementary's Lego Robotics Program. Lego Robotics is a hands-on approach designed to help students use teamwork and problem solving skills to develop, build and program an autonomous robot that can perform different functions using motors and sensors. Team members think critically and creatively to find solutions while learning about science and technology.

In The News

Ballot initiative would cost hospitals $1b a year, industry-backed study says

April 29, 2018

A report commissioned by the Massachusetts hospital industry projects that passage of a ballot question to regulate nurse staffing would come at an extraordinary cost — almost $1 billion a year — and worsen the quality of patient care.

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State commission: DTE Energy can build $1 billion gas plant - and pass cost on to you

April 27, 2018

...a February study by BW Research Partners showed how a portfolio of clean energy resources would create more jobs and more tax revenues than DTE’s proposed project.

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Will Michigan's Public Service Commission Stand Strong & Reject DTE's Billion-dollar National Gas Gamble?

March 26, 2018

... a study completed by BW Research Partners (commissioned by UCS and Vote Solar) showed how this portfolio of clean energy resources would create more jobs and more tax revenues than DTE’s proposed project.

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Survey reveals traffic still a key issue

March 22, 2018

City Council heard the results of a 2017 community survey at its Feb. 27 meeting. Leading the discussion was Josh Williams, principal researcher and president at BW Research Partnership. The survey was conducted from Nov. 29, 2017, through Jan. 4.

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