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January 20, 2023   |   BW Research

Illinois's Transition to Clean Energy Could Generate 150,000 Additional Jobs by 2050, New Study Shows

January 15, 2023   |   Big News Network

US Seeking Solutions to Lack of Workers in Climate Industry

January 15, 2023   |   AS USA

How Much Does an Electrician Earn in US by Hour: What is the Average Salary for this High Demand Job?

October 7, 2021   |   CBS News

Energy Costs Hit Low-Income People Hardest. Policy Experts Say the Country Needs to be More Efficient.

October 5, 2021   |   Morning Consult

Exclusive: Energy Efficiency Employment Still Depressed Compared with Pre-Pandemic Projections

September 30, 2021   |   PR Newswire

In Spite of Pandemic, Solar Industry Continues to Create High-Quality with Dramatic Growth Expected Over Next Decade

September 26, 2021   |   Crain's Cleveland Business

Two Northeast Ohio Lawmakers Propose Comprehensive Clean-Energy Bill

September 24, 2021   |   Offshore Wind

Massachusetts Government Plans to Pour USD 100 Million into Offshore Wind Port Infrastructure

September 22, 2021   |   Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Baker-Polito Administration Announces Report to Inform Offshore Wind Workforce Development in the Commonwealth

September 17, 2021   |   Grand Rapids Business Journal

Clean Energy Sector Surges

September 13, 2021   |   Daily Energy Insider

NASEO Report Examines Energy Workforce and Ways State Energy Offices Can Collaborate to Advance Workforce Diversity

September 10, 2021   |   Electrek

Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB): US Airlines Boost Their 2030 Target for Sustainable Aviation Fuel by 50%

September 9, 2021   |   Reuters

U.S. Clean Energy Sector Must Expand Hiring Beyond White Men - Report

August 24, 2021   |   Advanced Energy Perspectives

Does the U.S. Have What It Takes to Rule Electric Transportation? You Bet

August 16, 2021   |   Wichita Eagle

How Kansas Clean Energy Jobs are Crucial in the Fight Against Climate Change

August 12, 2021   |   MLive

Clean Energy Jobs Rebounded Quicker than Overall Michigan Workforce

August 11, 2021   |   MDJ Online

Clean Energy Job Sector Trying to Recover from Pandemic

August 6, 2021   |   Downey Magazine

According to a U.S. Official, Biden's Renewable Energy Strategy is Critical to Reversing Industrial Job Losses

August 5, 2021   |   Senator Dick Durbin

Durbin Statement on President Biden's Electric & Zero-Emission Vehicle Executive Order

July 19, 2021   |   Reuters

Biden Clean Energy Plan Key to Restoring Industry Job Losses, says U.S. Official

June 29, 2021   |   Good Times Weekly

New Report Shows Santa Cruz County's Demographic Division

June 15, 2021   |   REVE

Global Wind Day 2021: Celebrating an American Success Story

June 9, 2021   |   Daily Energy Insider

Report: Clean Energy Transition to Create 500,000 to 600,000 New Jobs to be Created in Solar, Wind and Battery Storage Industries

June 8, 2021   |   Energy News Network

Wind vs. Solar: What Wins the Job Race?

June 8, 2021   |   PVTech

'Once-in-a-generation opportunity': US Could Create 600,000 Renewables and Energy Storage Jobs by 2030

June 7, 2021   |   reNEWS

Renewables to Yield Half a Million US Jobs by 2030

June 7, 2021   |   REVE

Clean Energy Boom to Create Quality American Jobs

June 3, 2021   |   Santa Maria Times

Central Coast Should Focus on Key Strengths for Recovery, Webinar Panelists Advise

May 19, 2021   |   NoozHawk

Santa Barbara County's Businesses Beginning to Bounce Back from COVID-19, Research Finds

May 6, 2021   |   CNBC

America's Solar Workforce Fell by Almost 7% in 2020, but Industry Hopes for a Significant Rebound

April 22, 2021   |   The Durango Herald

Colorado Clean Energy Industry Recovers from Pandemic Losses

April 22, 2021   |   PolitiFact

What the Numbers Tell Us About Biden's Promise of High-Paying Green Jobs

April 15, 2021   |   Chicago Daily Herald

New Report Predicts 83% Job Growth in Illinois' Electric Transportation Sector

April 15, 2021   |   Kewanee Star Courier

Report: Illinois Job Growth Tied to Electric Cars

April 7, 2021   |   Yahoo! News

Report: Energy Jobs Pay Far Above the National Average

April 5, 2021   |   POLITICO

The Wage Gap that Threatens Biden's Climate Plan

March 12, 2021   |   Energy Global

Xodus Group, BW Research, and Hampton Roads Alliance Partner on Offshore Wind Study

March 11, 2021   |   Offshore WIND

Team Gathered for Virginia's Offshore Wind Supply Chain Study

March 3, 2021   |   Nevada Current

Pandemic Stalls State's Clean Energy Job Growth, Report Says

March 1, 2021   |   Bloomberg

This Company Helps Roughnecks Find Renewable Energy Jobs

February 19, 2021   |   The Times

Camp Represents Beaver County at Congressional Hearing on Energy Policy

February 10, 2021   |   Downey Magazine

According to Renewable Energy Insiders, Nothing has Changed About the Sector's Future Being Bright

February 5, 2021   |   RTO Insider

NY Public Speaks on Clean Energy Jobs, Costs, Urgency

February 4, 2021   |   Transmission & Distribution World

2020 Ends with 429,000 Fewer Americans Employed in Clean Energy

February 1, 2021   |   POWER Mag

Renewable Energy Insiders Remain Optimistic About the Future

February 1, 2021   |   E&E News

Biden Wants Solar Jobs. People May Not Want Them

January 31, 2021   |   MSNBC

Velshi: Fossil Fuel Finale?

January 24, 2021   |   MERCOM

Rhode Island Aims to Meet All its Energy Demand from Renewables by 2030

January 19, 2021   |   Forbes

The Challenge Facing Biden's Green Jobs Agenda? Green Jobs

January 18, 2021   |   The Albany Herald

Georgia Among Hardest Hit States in Clean Energy Job Losses

December 16, 2020   |   NJ Spotlight News

Pandemic has been Tough on Employment in N.J.'s Green Energy Sector

December 11, 2020   |   Energy Live News

Nearly Half a Million US Clean Energy Workers Unemployed as COVID Continues

December 10, 2020   |   Saur Energy International

COVID-19 Surge Leaves 446,000 US Clean Energy Workers Unemployed: Report

December 9, 2020   |   Morning Consult

Clean Energy Employment Barely Creeps Up as Winters Sets In November Data Shows

November 19, 2020   |   WJCT News

Energy Efficiency Jobs Plummet By More Than 18K in Florida During Pandemic

November 19, 2020   |   PV Magazine USA

Clean Energy Industry Groups CALSSA, SEIA, ACORE Mount a Full-Court Press for Recovery Role and Jobs

November 13, 2020   |   Daily Energy Insider

Approximately 454,000 Clean Energy Workers Still Unemployed Despite 24,000 Additions in October

November 12, 2020   |   Public News Service

Clean-Energy Job Growth Continues to Lag

November 12, 2020   |   Morning Consult

Clean Energy Sector Added Nearly 24,000 Jobs in October, but Winter Outlook Looks Bleak, Report Says

November 12, 2020   |   AltEnergyMag

24,000 Clean Energy Jobs Added in October, Leaving 454,000 Unemployed After Months of Federal Inaction

October 30, 2020   |   Morning Consult

Throughout the Trump Years, Renewables Sector has Employed Nearly Three Times as Many People as Fossil Fuels Industry

October 29, 2020   |   Boston Business Journal

Mass. Clean Energy Leaders are Optimistic About Future Growth

October 28, 2020   |   CleanTechnica

Cleantech Creates Higher Paying Jobs - Millions of Them

October 26, 2020   |   AltEnergyMag

REPORT: Clean Energy Jobs Pay 25% More Than National Median

October 25, 2020   |   Trade Arabia

Clean Energy Wages 25pc Higher than National US Median

October 23, 2020   |   Portland Business Journal

Oregon Among U.S. Leaders in Pay Premium for Clean Energy Jobs

October 22, 2020   |   Environment + Energy Leader

Clean Energy Jobs Paid 25% More than National Median Wage in 2019: Report

October 22, 2020   |   PV Magazine USA

Clean Energy Jobs Pay More

October 20, 2020   |   Sun Sentinel

Florida's Cities Can't Fight Climate Change Alone; We Need Help from Federal and State Leaders

October 19, 2020   |   Morning Consult

The Clean Energy Workforce was Projected to Grow 5.3% in 2020. Instead, It has Shrunk 13.8%

October 14, 2020   |   Riviera Maritime Media

Supply Chain Consultation Launched to Support Massachusetts Offshore Wind Growth

October 13, 2020   |   ReNEWS

Massachusetts Assesses Offshore Wind Supply Chain

October 13, 2020   |   Daily Energy Insider

Clean Energy Industry Hurt by Pandemic-Related Job Losses

October 13, 2020   |   Windtech International

Supply Chain Consultation Launched to Support Offshore Wind Growth in Massachusetts

October 12, 2020   |   Offshore WIND

Massachusetts to Gauge Offshore Wind Supply Chain

October 9, 2020   |   S&P Global

As Market Expands, Renewable Energy Unemployment Barely Budges

October 8, 2020   |   Morning Consult

Clean Energy Sector Reports Fourth Consecutive Month of Job Gains, but Still Far From Pre-Pandemic Levels

October 8, 2020   |   AltEnergyMag

Projected to Add 175,000 Jobs Before COVID-19 Pandemic, Clean Energy Sector Enters Final Months of 2020 Down 478,000 Jobs

October 8, 2020   |   Marketplace

Spain's Coal Industry is Shutting Down Unprofitable Plants

October 7, 2020   |   The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Iowa Wind Energy Jobs Could Double or Triple over the Next Decade

September 29, 2020   |   The National

Renewable Sector Adds 500,000 New Jobs Globally in 2019, Irena says

September 28, 2020   |   Inside EVs

Workers Flee Oil Industry, Clean Energy Jobs at Tesla & Others Growing

September 24, 2020   |   New Times SLO

With an Economy in Recession, SLO County Creates Economic Czar Position

September 21, 2020   |   Energy News Network

Despite Grim Outlook, Advanced Energy Could Help Lead Economic Recovery, Experts Say

September 19, 2020   |   The Policy Times

The Fuel Industry Crumbles in a Dearth of Demand During the Pandemic

September 15, 2020   |   Politico

Biden, Trump Split on Climate, Wildfires

September 15, 2020   |   PV-Tech

Lacklustre Job Growth Leaves 14% of US' Clean Energy Workforce Unemployed

September 14, 2020   |

Nearly 500K Clean Energy Workers Remain Out of Work After Only 13K Jobs Returned in August

September 14, 2020   |   Morning Consult

Renewables Sector Saw Gradual Job Growth in August; Employment Still 14% Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

September 10, 2020   |   AllEnergyMag

More New Jersey Workers in Advanced Energy Than in Hotels, Motels, and Casinos, Triple Those at Colleges and Universities

September 9, 2020   |   Denver Business Journal

Colorado's Clean Energy Employment Rebounded this Summer, but Industry is Still Smaller Thanks to Covid-19

May 6, 2020   |   NHPR New Hampshire Public Radio

COVID-19 Costing N.H. Jobs In Energy Efficiency, but Advocates See Hope For Recovery

April 21, 2020   |   The Washington Post

Trump Vows Oil Rescue That He's Been Powerless to Deliver

April 21, 2020   |   PBS

The price of oil fell below $0. What happens next?


The price of oil fell below $0. What happens next?