About BW Research

BW Research is a full-service applied research firm that is committed to supporting our clients with economic & workforce research, customer & community analyses, as well as strategic planning and evaluation services. Our firm is built upon three core principles.

  1. BW Research does research that builds stronger communities, supports employers, employees, and educators; and develops better tools, programs, and policies for the organizations and corporations that we serve.

  2. Through evidence and insightful analyses, BW Research's research provides the foundation for strategic planning, allocating scarce resources, and improving our client's products and services.

  3. BW Research is committed to customize research based on our client's needs, not advocating a one-size-fits-all approach to gathering and analyzing research findings.

BW Research Partnership is an S-Corporation and certified small business with offices in Carlsbad, CA and Wrentham, MA.